Entryway Clutter? You Need a Drop Zone

WORDS BY The Closet Rehab Team / WRITTEN ON June 28, 2019

Is your entryway getting a little too cluttered? Kids, sports, and outdoor work can quickly add up to a mess of clothes, shoes, tools, toys, and many other belongings, all scattered around the door or dropped randomly throughout the house. It's not very fun – especially if it's been a muddy day.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this clutter problem! Let's take a look at some ideas to fix the mess, and keep it from coming back.


Drop Zones

Drop systems have become very popular among large families and family homes that see a lot of activity throughout the idea. Basically, you set aside an area in front of your entryway – often with a large box or a little bit of creative indoor fencing – and designate that as your "drop zone."

Everything goes in the drop zone – all clothes, toys, shoes, and everything else people may be bringing inside with them. From here, you can sort through the pile yourself and choose what needs to be cleaned, or stored away, or carried back outside. It's a great way to keep outside dirt and pollen from getting spread throughout the house...although it may take a little training!


Built-In Cubbies and Closet Space

Another excellent organization option which works very well with a drop zone is a useful renovation of your entryway to provide more space. Installing cubbies for shoes or sports equipment may be one of the best projects you've done in years. If you already have an entry closet for storage, consider ways to expand it with extra shelves, more space, or built-in storage options to keep everyone's stuff organized.

If you want to learn more about potential redesigns of your entry space, schedule a quote for a custom closet design or a similar project to help with your organization with Carolina Closet Creations!


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