Back-to-School Essentials: 5 Custom Storage & Home Organization Ideas

WORDS BY The Closet Rehab Team / WRITTEN ON August 21, 2019

The last month of summer is upon us which means our favorite stores are flooded with notebooks, pencils, markers, backpacks and lunch bags. Operation 'Back to School' has commenced. If you have struggled with staying organized in your current space, we have five custom storage and home organization ideas to make this school year your easiest (and neatest) one yet. 🙌

1. Dedicated Study Space

Study space | Home office | custom built-in storage

Creating a dedicated study space is a home organization idea that can benefit the whole family and keep schoolwork on track. Your study room can also be versatile to double as a hobby room and a home office for everyone to use. It will be a great distraction-free zone that your kids will be able to focus to get their work done, plus keep the kitchen table free of clutter.

Creating a shared office with cabinetry and organization that complements your decor will enhance your home rather than making it a room you’re constantly shutting the door to. Make sure the study room has the custom storage space for your kids to put away their homework and supplies until the next school day. Built-in shelving for books, drawers for small supplies, cabinets for electronics and printers, and desk space can all be configured for your home. And don't feel like you need an extra room to make this happen - we have added these spaces onto one wall of a living room, large kitchen, or guest room. 


2. Create a Drop Zone

Drop zone area | living spaces

We love our kids, but let’s be real, they can be a little difficult when it comes to keeping your home organized. Backpacks get thrown to the ground as soon as the kids walk in the door, lunch bags and coats are tossed on a chair, and muddy shoes track dirt all over your clean floors. It gets even more challenging once school sports get mixed in. A “drop zone" or mudroom storage is the perfect home organization idea and answer to your clutter situation. Any entryway to your home can be made-over with an open custom closet that keeps coats, shoes, backpacks, lunch bags and school gear organized and away from your main living spaces. You can also incorporate hooks for backpacks and coats near the door, plus work in a bench for easier shoe removal.

Even small spaces can be smartly planned to maximize space with shoe racks, slide out baskets, taller pantry-style cabinets for sports equipment, closed doors to hide clutter, and cubbies for each member of your family. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this designated storage space!


3. Custom Kids' Closets

Custom closet storage | Kids closets

A new school year means new school clothes that are added to the mess that is already in your kid's closet. Custom closets aren't just for master bedrooms -- they're also great additions for your kid's room when they need a helping hand to stay organized. Plus, having a custom closet will not only help store all of the "stuff", it will also lessen the stress of school mornings. A real win-win!

You may also want to consider adding drawers and lower bins to help keep items in their place and easy to find. They can even replace dresser drawers in the bedroom. Adding hooks or valet rods are some other fabulous additions and allow for easy access to the items your child wears every day. Rods for hanging items can also be placed lower for smaller hands (and shorter clothes).

There are a lot of customization options for your child's closet, but don't feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. We can show you all of the options we've incorporated in the past to make kids' closets more manageable.  


4. Plan for Snack Attacks in Your Pantry

Pantry storage | kitchen storage

It's a fact - snacks are a huge part of the school year. You don't have the time to dig through your pantry to try and find the right snacks for your kids every morning. For your sanity, and to keep your little ones from rummaging, an updated pantry is the perfect home organization solution for the snacks and food items you need to have within reach.

Another pantry feature you should consider, especially if you have younger children is to make sure your new custom storage solution is totally safe. Features like locking shelves, attached slide-out baskets, and dedicated space for appliances and utensils will keep your kids safe and sound. For more tips on this subject, check out our top tips for creating a kid friendly pantry.


5. Maximize Your Playroom/Bonus Room

Living spaces | storage solutions for playrooms

For the fifth home organization idea, let's take a look at your playroom or bonus room. This play space can be transformed to be a huge custom closet for your kids. Toys, electronics, and art supplies can all be managed and put away with a custom storage solution. Create a space where your kids love to be, while keeping their things organized and easy to grab.

Designing custom shelving to better utilize wall space will keep you organized, even as the kids grow and the space requires different uses. And just because it’s a place for the kids' stuff doesn’t mean it can’t look incredible. Customize it to fit your style with different cabinet colors, fun hardware, and accessories. 


Now, Get Ready for the School Year & Get Organized!

It's simple - an organized space creates fewer chaotic mornings and more relaxing school nights. And now you have five home organization ideas to help make it happen. Take that next step into creating custom storage and custom closets to fit your specific needs.  Closet Rehab has your back in all things custom and design. Don’t do all the heavy lifting yourself.


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