5 Reasons It's Time to Abandon Wire Rack Shelving

WORDS BY The Closet Rehab Team / WRITTEN ON August 28, 2019

Considering wire rack shelving for your closet transformation? Here are some things you should know before you make that decision. When it comes to closet installs, you need durable and custom shelving options that will not only seamlessly fit into your unique space, but will also hold up for the long haul. We've listed out a few of the biggest disadvantages to wire rack shelving, and why custom shelving options should be on your radar. 

Whether you are in need of garage shelving, pantry storage solutions, or a complete revamp of your existing closet space, you are typically faced with two choices: wire rack shelving or custom shelving. If you are NOT considering design, functionality or staying organized, wire racks may be your best bet. It's important to always consider the value a well-designed storage solution can bring to your home, which is why customized shelving options can be the best choice. 

Now, let's dive into the cons of wire rack shelving and why custom shelving will make the most sense for your space. 


Con #1: Limited Functionality 

When it comes to wire racks, what you see is what you get -- long open spaces. You will most certainly face limitations with where and how you store your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Be prepared to start stacking and shoving your sweaters in order to make room.

The great thing about custom shelving solutions is you have the option to create the space you need based on specific items you want to house. Do you have a lot of accessories? Specially made drawers will make selecting your favorite earrings a breeze, and if you are someone who enjoys showcasing their favorite bags, open shelving can be sized to fit your collection. In addition, multi-level rods for hanging clothes and shoe racks keep your items visible and will make getting ready easier.

If you're someone who likes to ensure your clothes have a designated space, a built-in custom closet is definitely the way to go. Planning a functional closet can include: 

  • Planning open and closed storage spaces
  • Using drawers to hold smaller items
  • Including accessories, like baskets for laundry
  • Specially sized shoe storage
  • Adding a storage island if the space allows
  • Selecting hardware finishes to complement your home


Con #2: Wire Rack Shelving Dents Your Clothes

Dents in your clothes? No thank you! No matter if it is knit tees, folded pants or sweaters, the wire grids leave impressions and you don't want to deal with the hassle of steaming your clothes when you are in a rush. Not to mention, if you have accessories to store, the gaps from wire rack shelving make it difficult.

And we should also mention how wire rack shelving ages, which is poorly! The plastic coated bars can get discolored and sticky over time. You don't want your clothes, or linens, or food on that. 


Con #3: Limited Accessibility 

Choosing the more traditional or "cheaper" route for storage can end up making you frustrated and overwhelmed. When it comes to having the right storage to accommodate your stuff, you need a solution that includes spacious drawers, open shelving concepts and rods that seamlessly work in your closet. Unfortunately, with wire rack shelving, you are stuck with a lot of stacking or investing money in purchasing a multitude of storage bins. While some folded clothing can be relatively easy to store, when it comes to accessories and jewelry you want a setup that allows you to tuck those things away.  

Have you ever tried to grab a pair of pants or shirts from the bottom of a big pile? It's a disaster... You don't want shelving that is going to cause an even bigger mess.

When it comes to creating accessibility and organization, avoid shelving that doesn't maximize your space and causes a bigger mess than it solves.


Con #4: Poorly Installed 

Wire rack shelving is often poorly installed, and are only as strong as the drywall they are attached to. So if the wire shelving pulls out of the wall, your items are at risk. Don't be fooled by how "easy" it is to install. If it is not properly done the first time, you may end up with your clothes scattered across the floor. You want to make sure your shelving provides you with the best possible support for all of your belongings. 


In the moment, you may find wire racks to be a quick solution, but you need shelving options that will give you functionality and peace of mind when you use your spaces on a daily basis. At the end of the day, custom shelving provides fits seamlessly into your space and into the function you need. If you are ready to end your battle with wire shelving, contact our team at The Closet Rehab today. 


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